About MWAH
• MWAH is a Social Networking Website with a difference. • Its primary concern is with the privacy of the individual who can, through the many options available to them, clearly select their own terms of 'social visibility'. • Additionally, apart from Posts and Videos, MWAH allows for blogs, Forums, Audio, Games and even embodies a Marketplace.... • MWAH believes that in this day of 'instant messaging' and lightning self-gratification, there are still those who would like to engage in colloquium – extenuating their intellect, exercising their minds and socialising within the kind of environment that used to exist when people gave dinner parties or even just shared a beer between four eyes. • MWAH aims to conserve and proliferate Art, Writing, Photography, Discourse-and-Debate – and every other creative expression whose existence contributes to a more elevated sense of a cultural homogeneity. • MWAH definitely recognises that we are ALL of us very different and that this difference not


The ‘Digital Era’ and its total, immediate adoption by both ‘Millennials’ and more slowly by older generations brought-up when modems first connected computers at 9600 baud – (even slower than Fax machines) – has had one overarching effect on all First World Societies: to allow people from every thread of Life to suddenly be able to ‘interconnect’ via the www.

The corollary of this effect – as the emerging countries also grow-into and become absorbed by ‘the Web’ – is that the thirst for information, along with its instant availability, has encouraged PEOPLE from vastly different arenas, societies, countries, cultures and habits to suddenly INTER-COMMUNICATE at every level and degree.

In the early 2000’s, people consolidated and then expanded both their real and virtual social circles through websites whose forums would lay the foundation-stones for the rapid rise in maturity of trans-world reaching, social mega-environments epitomised by such as FACEBOOK.

MWAH.info represents the next wave of this ever-moving netscape: the concept where a ‘Guided and identity-secure environment offering a truly selective degree of self-defined privacy’ is FAR more important for one’s personal (online) social safety than has so far been the average of common thinking.

MWAH.info genuinely offers YOU the possibility of being as ‘socially-interactive’ or as private as you might ever wish.

Whether your interest is colloquium with a collection of similarly-interested people from all around the world ­– or simply creating your own, highly private and self-contained circle of family, friends, work-collegues or otherwise highly-specialised interest group, MWAH.info offers you these choices.

This concept has been created to once again go back to ‘social basics’: the promotion of human-sized communities where people can genuinely interact in groups whose size is designed to reflect the REAL environment reflected by those names we would collect out of love and appreciation in our personal ‘Address Book’.

Whether Artist, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Graphic Designer, Musician, Philosopher or aesthetic dilettante, MWAH.info provides a platform fully tailorable to your precise requirement.

And we NEVER either want or intend to be “big”.

Our vision is for an interwoven, eclectic family of village-sized communities – as opposed to leveraging a gargantuan, world-straddling, money-gobbling collection of algorithms designed to track and maximise the data mined from your online presence.

… Which isn’t to say that our intent is not also to provide the medium whereby people from all over the World may use MWAH.info's pages to simply stay in touch: sharing their lives, their experiences, their vision and images ­– along with their honest ‘humanity’ – in a safe, controlled and ‘real’ environment reflecting the ‘old social values’ whose daily exchange not so long ago formed the glue for all our traditional social interactions.

Being part of MWAH.info is to celebrate the uniqueness of YOUR thinking and BEING: in the personally-selected company of the kinds of people with whom you would go out to dinner, celebrate a birthday, congratulate a colleague or rejoice-with over Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover or Eid-al-Fitr.

Beneath all of these ‘labels’ with which both society and our peers make definition of who we ‘are’, in the end we all want the same things.

To love, be loved, be happy, celebrate our one-ness with our friends and feel ‘PART’ of something both valuable and greater than ourselves...

So: feel safe, free and valued as a Member of MWAH.info’s community of Internaughts, Creatives and genuine Free-form, thinking Spirits...

Be MOST Welcome – and enjoy.

October 2018