NBA 2K22 will feature a number of significant changes some of which are listed below

We could construct a player solely on the basis of those statistics, but I prefer to consider the player's actual attributes as well in order to get as close to the real thing as possible


We could construct a player solely on the basis of those statistics, but I prefer to consider the player's actual attributes as well in order to get as close to the real thing as possible. This will require a great deal of trial and error because you simply do not have enough attribute spend to completely fill out the skills in the same way that the player does. However, by concentrating on the most important aspects of the game and attempting to align the badges with the real player, we can come close to the real thing and create a player with hints of Stephen Curry's style.


As a result, it is critical that you prioritize placement as much as possible. I don't believe that Takeovers have much of an impact on the shade of NBA player that your created player represents, but I believe that it will have an impact on the way your player impacts a game in the long run. NBA 2K22 MT reveals some of the new gameplay changes that will be included in the next-generation version in order to spice things up once more. Personally, I support these reforms wholeheartedly. For several years, it has been necessary to make changes to the contest and block systems in particular.

Here are a few examples of the changes to the gameplay:
Defense and Defensive Artificial Intelligence:Shot contest and blocking systems that have been completely rebuilt, as well as a significant update to the fundamental defensive rotations, among other things;
Sizing up and dribbling will have a distinctive feel and rhythm, with a significantly faster overall pace and much tighter control in navigating the court, as well as a slew of new combos, cancels, and move chains to experiment with.
Updates highlight a wealth of new content, including new movement and a new arsenal of back-to-basket moves; after the game is completed,
Taking shots: A new shot meter has been introduced, which will dynamically expand when players take high-quality shots with good shooters, but will shrink when players are heavily contested, shooting with a low-rated shooter, or fatigued. NBA 2K22 places a greater emphasis on shot intelligence, which means that teams that work hard for open looks and take smart shots will fare far better than teams that force bad shots.
Along with a focus on creating more of a skill gap for finishing at the rim, players can completely customize their dunk repertoire with an all-new Dunk Style Creator, which allows them to create a dunk that is unique to them.
The addition of adjustments to create more balanced builds, as well as an increase in the total number of badges available to 80, provide players with a variety of ways to have an impact on the game. Additionally, Takeover Perks* are introduced in NBA 2K22 for the PlayStation 5 and cheap 2K22 MT Xbox Series X|S consoles, which you can unlock to enhance your existing Takeover abilities.

Many of these changes appear to be positive. The ability to actually have a skill gap when finishing and making being open actually matter when shooting are both fantastic changes that should, hopefully, lead to teamwork being more important. As things stand now, you simply receive the catch-and-shoot perk to Hall of Fame and then follow the advice of the bad guy. If you have good timing, you will almost never miss an opportunity. It is not necessary to work in a group.

Final results and changes will depend on the type of player you want to create, but I believe that each position dictates a prioritization of attributes, which I've outlined in the following section. Essentially, this lists the importance of attributes in descending order of importance, starting with the most important and ending with the least important. Takeovers are the "cherry on top" of the player that you have created. They will distinguish your player from others and, in the end, will provide boosts to specific attributes and areas of your player's skill set. 

You'll be given two Takeover slots to use in the MyPlayer Builder to customize your character. During the course of the game, if your takeover meter fills up, you can use it to activate your primary takeover, or you can wait for it to fill up a second time to activate your secondary takeover.