NBA 2K20 Flash Super Packs Arrive Featuring LeBron James Michael Jordan Cards

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Kevin Durant, Nets' top player, leads a team that comprises Jayson Tatum as well as Devin Booker. COVID-19's protocols have thrown Team USA's preparations into chaos as their Friday game against Australia being canceled due to the 2K MT. Team USA will nevertheless take part in their debut at the Tokyo Olympics on July 25 which is when they will face France.

With players who are overflowing with All-Stars, Durant was asked what his dream team would look like- and he didn't disappoint. Durant announces his fantasy starting Lineup. It was announced this week that Durant is featured on the cover for NBA 2K '22.

As he promoted the video game, Durant was asked a question that usually provides a headline-grabbing solution: If he decided to form an entire team for the game, which NBA players are on Durant's starting lineup? Durant said in an interview that was shared on Twitter by @boardroom. "There are so many outstanding players."

Durant always chose his team. K.D. is in Brooklyn's championship window and they're in the middle of it. K.D. is intelligent enough to avoid doing anything to break their developing bond. So it's not surprising to see him choose James Harden and Kyrie Irving, who, despite Durant's bias Cheap NBA 2K22 MT, are definitely worthy picks with 16 All-Star Game selections between the two.