Do you think the wig's hairline is a little too artificial?The hairline is about to appear

Recently, I discovered that many little sisters inquire as to whether the hairline in front of the wig is true when purchasing a wig


Recently, I discovered that many little sisters inquire as to whether the hairline in front of the wig is true when purchasing a wig. In fact, the hairline of the wig is the result of the wig's layering. Let's make wig layering knowledge more widely known on that particular day. Wig layering is actually a term that refers to the edge position of a wig intranet. Because the edge of an ordinary wig cannot be properly fused with the skin, there will be a layer of bulge, which is referred to as layering.

The most common reason that little sisters purchase wholesale hair bundles and then return them is that they believe the hairline is too fake. In fact, because the general wig intranet does not process the layers of the wig, we do not recommend wearing the middle part hairstyle. The layers are easily visible, which makes it appear to be very fake. The general intranet will be used to trim the bangs. Like a lot of online shop reviews are used in the network map, ordinary intranet wig comb in the point, and also completely unable to see the wig is impossible.

It's common for little sisters to inquire as to why they can't see you wearing wigs when you're dressed in costume for a play or in a musical. Because of technological advancements, many different types of wigs can be used to conceal layering, such as lace inner net wigs and Pu edge inner net wigs. Let's take them one by one and discuss them.

1. a centralized intranet
The common inner net is usually black, and it will not be treated too much at the edge, allowing the layering to be more visible. If it's made by hand, it's a little better. If it is woven, the layering is more visible because the inner net itself is too thick. It is not recommended to trim the split bangs for this type of common intranet, nor is it recommended to shape the large back head. These shapes make it simple to demonstrate the layering, which is very unnatural.

This type of inner net also cannot be used to tie high horsetail modeling because, once a high horsetail is tied up, the layering behind it will be exposed, and we will only be able to tie hairstyles that can conceal the layering, such as horsetail, half ball head, and so on.

2. Pu inner net
Pu selvedge is a new forehead technology that has emerged in recent years, and it is also referred to as biomimetic membrane technology in the industry. The purpose of the skin-like PU glue used in the material is to allow the hairline part of the forehead to fit with the skin, resulting in a more natural hairline part. However, because Pu edge is only a process of determining the position of the forehead hairline, there are still layers behind the wig and the hair can't be tied up directly.

Lace Intranet (intranet of Lace)
At this point, lace inner net should be considered the most advanced wig technology. Its air permeability and natural degree can be ranked first, but the only drawback is that it requires adhesive to be worn.

For example, the actors in ancient costume plays now wear lace hair covers, which means they can't see the layers of wholesale 613 wigs beneath them. Furthermore, the inner net of lace is not only reflected in the forehead, but also in the back and both sideburns, allowing the entire head of hair to be covered without the need for wig layering. As a result, the inner net of lace can be tied freely whenever the area of the simulated human scalp allows it.

However, even the most high-end lace technology can be seen in a different light when viewed up close, and as a result, not all of the wig intranets are visible in their entirety. After all, it is just a wig. It can only be coated with some liquid foundation and concealer through external means, such as the edges of the lace and the skin. It's probably the closest thing we have to 100% reality.

In fact, if there is no need to keep the middle points or braid, it is sufficient to wear an ordinary intranet and trim a good-looking bangs. Only in the case of the middle point do we need to take into consideration the layering of wigs. Bangs can be used to completely conceal layering.