RuneScape have some more information to get out this idea

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In varrok, from the general shop, there could be an additional icon using a sword with a yellow blade. There would be a genaric guy named smith. Oh, hello, I'm considering making my life here, so I intend to bring a few of my hometowns smithing skills here RS3 Gold. Oh, what would that be? That would be smithing custom made weapons. I could make armor too, but that costs extra. How much? About two hundred for every stat in their weapon, and 20000 to get a speical.

What about armor? That would be 400 for each stat. In addition, I wish to inform you that you are able to bring your armor or weapon back and add more stats to it. But you'd have to know, that my skills can only go so far, at 200 each stats, but you shouldn't worry too much, those weapons ought to help you.

Well, what exactly does it look like? Thats the best part, I take sets around which you can buy for about 2000 each, but there might be a bit more depending on the caliber of the sets. Like what? Like the baby dwarf dragon wings, Those things are too hard to find, I'm not doing it cheap. Tell you what, as you are my first customer, I will give you two sets free, lets state the bird feathers and bronze hilt. Now, what do you really want? More parts? Or do you like to generate A weapon?

Allows you to cast a spell just like a wand. You use two slashes in an X shape 25 percentage used. You yell and raise your stamina by 20percent 75 percent. You smash the weapon on the enemy and that he becomes paralyzed for a few seconds unable to strike. 50percent utilized for each usage.

You give more damage based upon your damage. Always in effect. Utilize an elemantal fee to increase harm, but can be nullified by specific critters. They are also able to turn it into a robe. If you apply the sets, they get rather shoulder pads. The coulering still stands, but you get two component peices, And the stats are devided evenly. If a stat is left over after being spread, they visit the plate.

Okay here is my latest effort to bring us back the joys of murdering people. Anyways... Ever need to play with your good friends in clanwars but notice which you're able to make ABSOLUTELY no more MONEY BACK. Here's the suggestion for you Buy OSRS Accounts. Basically Jagex will have to re-vamp the clan fight window. It might need to include Both clan talks being present, the arrangers of every side (Leader or whomever ask for the war), Along With The duel arena rules display.