How to unlock Spawn Points in NBA 2K23

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Current-generation 2K MT NBA 2K23 has some great new features for players , which involve exploring an open city and completing city quests. There's an adventure attached with"Gymrat" on the Gym Rat Badge on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S that is known as "Gym Rat."

In the quest, players must regularly visit in the Gatorade Gym. They can complete the quest by getting through 50 three-star workouts. There is a limit on how many workouts can be completed in a week, the badges for finishing in NBA 2K23 are technically easier to earn as compared to the Gym Rat Badge.

However, the standard gym lets players complete 5 different exercises each week in game so it's difficult to finish with the Gym Rat Badge quest in less than 10 weeks of training. This is why it is that the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in NBA 2K23 is an invaluable asset.

Because the workouts in the program do not count towards the 5-a-week limit. The workout is fairly simple in that players are required to shift the cursor in specific directions fast enough to earn 16 points, which earns them a 3-star completion.

How to unlock Spawn Points in NBA 2K23

The latest version of NBA 2K MT For Sale NBA 2K23 has 7 spawn points that players can earn through completing a side mission that involves running around the city. The new features, playable areas, and game mechanics of NBA 2K23 give players an array of fun gameplay options.