The ideal Furnace location for utilize is located in Edgeville

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OSRS gold reduce the speed that it is that your Run Energy depletes, and further increase the rate at which they increase the rate at which your Run Energy regenerates. These are necessary to ensure that you're running at any time in the Blast Furnaceand maximizing the gains in XP. Highly effective when used in combination together with Graceful Outfit.

Start Your Journey

Level 1 - 29 Level 1 - 29 Knight's Sword

As with all skills in OSRS beginning levels of Smithing are very slow and tedious.Therefore, it is strongly recommend to complete the quest "The Knight's Sword before you begin. This Quest is not a Smithing Level requirement, and it awards substantial 12.725 Smithing XP once completed. This is enough XP bring a player from Level 1 to Level 29. a huge jump for a quick and simple quest. The only requirement is Level 10 Mining.

Level 29 - 40: Iron Items

From levels 29-40. you'll need to make sure you have Iron Bars and visit an Anvil. The best locations to visit are Varrock (just South of the west bank) as well as Yanille (just south towards the bank). Both Anvils are a mere walk away from the bank, and are generally regarded as the most efficient to use.

In the ideal scenario, you'll need to build the Iron items that have the most value in relation to the bar cost and, at this point, I don't suggest spending all day deciding which items to create, since the cost is low and the required levels are very minimal. You'll want to move quickly to Level 40. Whatever method you choose to utilize in the future.

Level 40 - 99: Gold Bars (Blast Furnace)

The most efficient (realistic) method to achieve 99 Smithing is to smelt Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace. Each bar will produce 56.2 XP when Goldsmith Gauntlets are worn. This technique can produce very high XP, with rates of 300 to 400K XP/hour being achievable.

231.268 Gold Ore is required to attain the level 99 attained from Level 40. A small portion of the costs will be repaid by the sale of the Gold Bars. However, these are low value, so the amount will be minimal. Market prices vary wildly and as an approximation estimate, using this method to 99 will cost approximately 70M GP. A bit expensive based the definition of expensive but for a Level 99 skill , I'd argue it's relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the other buyable skills which could cost as much as 200M.

Alternative Method Level 85 - 99: Runite Bars (Blast Furnace)

The process is similar similarly to Gold Bars, Runite Bars can also be made in the Blast Furnace. The expected profits are contingent upon market rates, however between 800K-1.5M subject to player speed and market prices is realistic.

Level 85 to Level 99 with Runite Bars from the Blast Furnace will yield a profit of approximately 110M at current prices, with an overall sum of 195.517 bars that must be made. It is definitely an acceptable option for those with less wealth, however for players who can earn higher than 1-1.5M per hour through other methods and methods, choosing the Gold Bar method is most preferred.

Alternative Method Level 74 - 99: Adamant Dart Tips

Another alternative for the Gold Bar method is smithing Adamant Dart Tips. This requires the level 74. and produces 62.5XP for each Adamantite Bar. Each bar produces 10 dart tips, so the method typically yields only a tiny profit.

The hourly XP cost using this method is modest (approx 60K XP/hour), however it is also a very relaxed and 'AFK' method which means that for each inventory , you can make 27 bars at once. Furthermore, this method is nothing, and often it yields a modest profit. At the current price, reaching the level 99 by this method could produce a net profit of 6 million GP. The amount is modest and yet, at the very least, it is a profit and not an expense.

For Level 99 to be achieved, this method requires 191.011 Adamantite Bars. This will require between 180 and 200 hours (ouch).

Alternative Method Level 35 - 99: Cannonballs

A traditional, historical methodfor smelting Steel Bars into Cannonballs. Making cannonballs out of steel bars can be profitable, however it's a slow to experience. To smelt cannonballs must complete quests like the Dwarf Cannon quest.

The XP rates are incredibly slow, with an average of 10-15K XP per hour gained. The primary reason for using this method is the potential for profit of the method, which is between 200-500K GP per hour.

The ideal Furnace location for cheap OSRS gold is located in Edgeville, the Furnace can be found a mere stroll from the bank. In order to reach Level 99 from Level 30 with this method, you'd have to be crazy. However, to provide you with the figures, you'd have to smelt 510.631 Steel Bars in Cannonballs taking about 900-1000 hours. For you time, you'd be rewarded approximately 95M at current prices. Not a great trade, if you ask me.