It's a helpful thing

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In the conclusion of the day, it's a helpful thing for many people for an assortment of ways, simply take care of OSRS gold the fact it isn't to your particular taste, because asserting it is completely useless isn't simply naive and unfounded, but saying it's only used by people"trying to be different" is dumb to top off. I'll be ruining the Army Axe until I decide to RC through the Abyss for some unfathomable reason. For everything else, it's only great for new or low-leveled players.

I see it as a waste of bank room rather than conserving space. Evaluation of this Army Axe for higher-leveled players: Pickaxe: equal to Steel. Hatchet: ^ Mace: it is a really low-leveled weapon.

Needle: You want tanned hides if you want to craft anything with a needle - due to that, you have to be in a financial institution. Also, high-leveled players will purchase hides from the GE instead of tanning it themselves due to the time it requires to run into the tanner. When in the GE, why not purchase a needle ? It is nothing like the Army Axe eliminates the need for thread, which means you would still have to buy it anyway. After crafting, simply drop the needle - no bank room wasted.

Tinderbox: you need to use the log onto it, unless you would like to right-click. It is easier on your wrists/fingers to have the ability to click both ways round, and for that alone it's worth purchasing a tinderbox. Chisel: Maybe this is of any use, but I'd rather have about 20 regular chisels in my own bank, for simple replacement. You can't get a second Army Axe to get a placeholder into your financial institution.The Ardougne Cloak 4 can be substituted with Ardougne Cloak 2 or 3, but these Cloaks can just make use of the Farm patch teleport once per day. Otherwise, you can use Teleport into North Ardougne (should unlock at Livid Farm) but that puts you a fair distance from the Farming patches. Teleport into Catherby can be substituted with Buy RS gold a Teleport to Camelot or a Camelot tab. The Trollheim Patch cannot be diseased/die. Magic Secateurs are optional but increase Herb yield.