Also are there any prerequisites for gwd?

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Its still weaker and OSRS gold slower than a scimmy, on the plus side, u might hit more frequently, and its cheaper. Btw, if u get 43 prayer, u cud practicly kill it without taking any dmg watso ever lol. But do not, u rllly don't need prayer to kill elvarg.

Oh, too, when ur performing melzar's maze for a part of the map into crandor, it wud be best to safe spot the Demon (80+ cb) with mage, so bring together around a 100 chaos runes, using a air staff, along with elemental runes, or draw 150ish mind runes, with air personnel and the best elemental runes tht u could use. (if ur using brain runes, utilize atleast the flame attack charm, as the lower ones might actually do lower dmg than the lower demon's hp regen rate. I personally didn't understand what I was up against, and had to melee it, bk when I was doing the quest. It was really tougher than the boss fight against elvarg.

Ok, so I noticed that a frnd of mine now, who's 88 cb like me... He's claws, barrows, ags, etc.. And for God's sake, he gave away 60m to a frnd earlier today... He told me tht he left all tht from bandos, in Gwd, with random people he meets there... So I would like guidance and also tips on gear, and things. Also are there any prerequisites for gwd?

I risked 20k at wildy now, and got 800k in loot, but I still prefer if the equipment wont exceed 2mil. To be honest that the little low to RuneScape gold buy going to Bandos, wait until at least 80+ each battle stat. Ik, however, my friend has almost the same stats as me. . And I realllllly wanna attempt it. Being a level 134 myselffrom adventure you'll get wrecked and most likely crashed no matter where you go.