What is better?

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The principal issue is attempting to classic gold wow do anything that isn't the zombie infestation becomes hard to perform, largely because player zombies like to hangout at quest givers and other spots where lots of gamers tend to collect. Since this event also comes with an entire questline that occurs in the zones across Stormwind and Orgrimmar, there is ample opportunity to camp outside and potentially infect as many players as you can. However, one positive shift in the previous time the zombie infestation occurred is that Blizzard appears to have made it more difficult to spread it to the rest of Azeroth. Among the first things I did when I got infected was to hearth to Dalaran, but once I came, I was not infected anymore. However, I was able to take it to Boralus through using the portal site in the mage tower, so it is not a perfect system yet.

The major point to realize is two distinct events are moving on. There's the scourge invasion and the questline, which requires players to Icecrown and sends gamers on a goose hunt for Nathanos. Then there is the zombie infestation, which adds just a small PvP aspect to everything. It is not surprising some people would want to take part in the first event but not the second, as not everyone enjoys PvP or using their class and race abilities removed and replaced by other abilities. Blizzard could make the infestation only active for one of the weeks of the invasion, but that is no fun for anyone who misses that week and might want to engage. Honestly, the best solution probably would be to leverage the Warmode system. An infestation is essentially a PvP event , so having the capability to opt-in with Warmode makes sense. Even doing something at which for the majority of the invasion, players needed to cheap wow gold classic opt into the infestation by selecting Warmode, but at the previous week, until Shadowlands dropped, the infestation would affect everyone, would most likely be the best solution.