How to Get Runescape Burial Armor - Top Methods

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Unlike similar Slayer Masters, Konar's tasks require players to travel to an exact spot to kill monsters. The result is that players have the chance to receive a Brimstone Key as they complete their mission as a drop. The drop rate on RuneScape gold these keys is determined by the combat level of the monster to be killed . The drop rate is a range of 1/50 and 1/100.

Brimstone Keys can be carried to a safe just next to Konar where they will be rewarded with benefits that will increase their earnings. The average key is worth about 103,000 gold. So you should definitely cash it in following your mission.

How to Get Runescape Burial Armor - Top Methods

Smithing in Runescape determines the power of the equipment the player can make. The higher the smithing level is, the more valuable objects players can create. With a higher smithing degree one can craft high-quality armor to make themselves better. Increasing smithing is quite hard as it requires you to create various items. One of the most efficient ways to increase Smithing in Runescape is by making Burial Armor.

Burial Armor is the ancient dwarf armor that is produced at the Workshop of the Artists in the southeast part of Falador. The Dwarf Suak, the dwarfs bury their dead in this armor. Burial armor made from Grade I ingots are for the miners, Grade II ingots for the warriors plus Grade III (or Grade IV) ingots for the burial armor of fire cape buy osrs the smiths.