How to Use Craigslist in Tacoma Optimally

Many internet marketers are using Craigslist to get top rankings for their websites


Craigslist is one of those sites where it is very easy to post free ads. Today, many internet marketers are using Craigslist to get top rankings for their websites. Since getting Craigslist VAP involves a lot of hassle, you have to pay for them in addition to getting your phone numbers verified, losing them is not a good idea. You will have to apply for the account again with a new phone number. This can also be very time consuming and your business suffers. You may have heard that some spammers are using multiple phone numbers through a spam phone service. However, Craigslist prohibits the use of such phone numbers. Since posting ads on Craigslist is the source of survival for many businesses, they may be frustrated when they know they can no longer use multiple accounts on this website. If you start getting a verified account for each type of ad, nothing can be more expensive than that. However, Craigslist warns your existing accounts when you start using harmful means.

Craigslist bans accounts that engage in excessive posting of ads. Although Craigslist in Pennsylvania has made it clear that it does not allow more than one ad per single account in 48 hours, many people do. Craigslist made this rule because so many people post ads on this site. Some of these ads are inappropriate and this control measure ensures that no other ads are posted. If you engage in this practice, your verified accounts will be banned and you will bear the brunt of it.

You need to make sure your account survives as long as possible. Craigslist now also detects user activity through their IP account. Therefore, it is essential that after using one IP account, you post an ad with the next account. If you use the same account, you have a high chance of getting caught. You must follow this process for as many accounts as you have created. This change of IP accounts will ensure that your over activity will never be caught by this classifieds site. If you want to post a lot of ads, which may be necessary when you have a service account, be sure to change your service provider each time you post. Changing IPs is not at all sufficient because Craigslist can detect all activity within a specific IP range.

This is the best way to have multiple accounts and never get caught by Craigslist. A Craigslist VAP account can only provide you with great results if you follow these guidelines.

Also, be sure not to post too many ads on the account, such as daily. Since Craigslist's phone verification checks your phone number before taking it, ask your phone company what type of number will work. Craigslist does not accept VOPI numbers, so do not include them on the site for approval.

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