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Player established play calling was in Mut 21 coins. Then the remainder is"We can't make the game realistic so we're using machine learning how to attempt to get it done while shoving ads for Amazon on the mind " I anticipated nothing and yet I am still totally disappointed. I truly wish to get back into Madden so bad. I simply can't. Maybe I'm biased/bitter since I fell off way back together with 16 but for some reason, I simply can not get back into it. It does not look like soccer. Sounds pretty awesome but I wonder if this game will have any changes to franchise mode. A lot of these attributes are involving real-life player information so IDK how that could impact generated stats and players. Wow. I'm actually very disappointed. Most of the gameplay shown has the same cartoons from madden 20. I could literally do the same things they revealed from the trailer in madden 20. And participant special play calling? It is just an old feature that they put back in the game (why did they ever take it outside in the first place?).

Yeah, 2k next-gen blew this the water out. This could have been a good regular update for a soccer game, but for a new generation upgrade, this is pitiful, especially compared to what NBA2K is doing. The RFID/Next Gen Stats thing is the only genuinely new feature that looks like anything, and even that's likely got get noticed from the animations anyway. Sounds too legit. It is probably gonna be noticeable whilst playing. I can't get hyped. I won't. The fact that the game comes from 2.5 weeks and EA was ready to not provide a hands-on preview is terrifying. NFL games are doing this"Next Gen Stats" and monitoring for perhaps 2-3 years to my knowledge as they broadcast it through games. And this is just now to be executed to mmoexp legit create players look"more real" and"true to life".