My guess is that 90 days won't be sufficient to train any P2P skills

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My guess is that 90 days won't be sufficient to train any P2P skills, therefore I'd like to concentrate on doing things in P2P which don't involve any P2P abilities. I will not be able to perform any significant questing. By extension, I likely will not be able to OSRS gold perform some of those P2P acheivement diaries (jobs ). That given, I am looking for hints that will offer maximum advantage once the 90 days charge are consumed.

With the limited days of P2P charge, I'd like to level up skills which may be made use of at F2P (as soon as the P2P charge runs out). I'm considering levelling up mining (for money-making in F2P), attack/strength/defense, woodcutting/fishing (though I locate mining is a much better money-maker compared to fishing/woodcutting in F2P).

I was thinking about purchasing a dragon pickaxe and visiting Living Rock Caverns. Is the dragon pickaxe worth buying or could a rune pickaxe in the Living Rock Caverns be great enough? If I mine focused gold (faster XP) or focused irrigation (quicker money). Might it be possible to locate people in Runescape willing to lend a dragon pickaxe?

Money-making: how do I make plenty of money in P2P battle without (1) training Slayer/P2P abilities or (two ) doing P2P quests? I was thinking of battling dragons. If that is a good method, what colour dragon should I choose? (In my battle level, what colour dragon could I manage fighting?) Approximately how powerful should one be to confront blue dragons? Red dragons? Black dragons?

Someone suggested Daggonoth Kings (because they give precious drops, and no P2P quests necessary to buy RuneScape gold confront Daggonoth Kings). Considering that the criteria I just mentioned (valuable drops and no P2P quests required) are there some other P2P monsters worth trying?