The ranged crystal bow isn't very good

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So I was thinking if I should keep working on my goal to RS gold achieve Premier Membership, or whether I should sell my bonds to purchase an Ascension Crossbow, an item I've always had a desire for. While bonds will increase, I've heard that the crossbow is expected to drop in price, and might possibly hit the low to mid 100s mils.

The ranged crystal bow isn't very good, but it's not the right weapon to someone with your stats and budget. You should at the very least make the Royal Crossbow. I'm not certain how to create one since I don't own one, but I've been told that it's very easy (and you can make the Royal Xbow is a tier 80 weapon). If you're like me and want to cba to make the crossbow you could always purchase a Zaryte (60Mish) It's an 80-tier weapon that requires no ammo like the Crystal bow, and is degraded very slowly. The tier 90 weapons consist of the Ascension crossbows. They're both worth 255Mish each so to purchase both, you'll need at least 500 million dollars.

Nex armours are good too, but they're definitely overkill for Slayer. I own Pernix and I'm playing PvP and bossing only. I'm actually making use of it to camp the Ascension currently, however this is because I'm trying to complete 99 Ranged on the weekend and am trying to get as much exp per hour as I can.

Since you've already had quite a bit of info on Aza, Fatia and Kamil I'd like to add a couple of points: A player with maxed statistics like you should be in search of to wear the POP (Player owned ports ), an updated D D) armors. There are two kinds of POP armoursone of which is a higher-quality, non tradeable version, or buy OSRS GP an a little weaker, tradeable version. A major difference is that the tradeable version decays into dust.