This isn't a big issue

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So MMO developers just keep releasing expansions (seemingly, EverQuest has 26 of these ), edging up the level cap every time, layering on vast shelves of content such as the segments of an increasingly precarious and classic wow gold foul-smelling cake. This isn't a big issue in the event that you just take an existing, max-level personality during the new content each time, but for brand new players - or sequential fresh-starters like yours truly - the path towards the top, and also to the latest stuff, looks increasingly daunting as the game gets old. That, and the bottom layers of the cake, created all those years before, begin to go stale. It is a problem.

This was when they undertook what must be the most radical act of transplant surgery I've ever seen in a live game. The Cataclysm expansion rewrote almost all the levelling content of this game, overhauling the questing mechanics, improving the storytelling, smoothing the mill. It was a huge undertaking and has been critical to this game's ongoing good health.

But, time is a cruel mistress. In 2020, the Cataclysm-era rewrites themselves are showing their age, to say nothing of 2007's wild and woolly The Burning Crusade. Beyond those, there is just so much game to proceed through: literally continents of it. Meanwhile, as the maximum level stretches all of the way to 120, the ever-escalating numbers start to acquire meaningless, and personality development - that Blizzard has had to buy classic gold wow continuously prune back to avoid overwhelming complexity in the class layout - is increasingly thinly spread across the levelling curve. A 2014 stat squish helped a bit. The early 2018 introduction of level scaling across the full game, that matched content to a level and additionally grouped expansions together in bands, letting you pick your path through the material to some degree, helped a whole lot. Nonetheless, it is still simply too much.