I will be having an PD Day this Friday which means..

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I'd like my level of combat to 100, and OSRS GP then be in a position to fight, but not acquire any additional combat level, which means either attack, strength or defense should be at least 99. I also would like to have 99 prayers if possible. What is your opinion on the best prayer? + Other 100 suggestions for combat.

With the 3rd, it isnt possible to get the 99 magic or ranged? Idk which of these seem to be so restrictive and, personally, Id probably go with the 20-str 99 damage but you cannot make much use of that except you could use either a rapier or a staff. Staffs, however, aren't that effective. But then again neither is 20 strength , so it's a bit limiting.

Make use of the leaf blade sword as the main weapon. If you're going to be a member, make sure you receive 99 summoning. What I'm not sure about is limiting yourself only to 100 combat. If you're looking to make it something you can be proud of, aim for 111, 121, or 131. This way, you'll be able to attain good numbers.

I will be having an PD Day this Friday which means.. No school! I will be working on RS for seven hours this weekend! Dunned questions... Can someone provide me with all the classes... Forzen is similar to 1-10? Then what? What is the maximum amount of xp I can earn in 7 hours if I go on my own dung. 12 dung so far. Tcmp and others advised me to do C1 which results in about 55xp per dung. Ansak suggested I try C6 that got me around 650xp for both times.

I've heard of most of them Agility- Take the Barbarian course up to level 52. Then go to buy RuneScape gold The wilderness route. Food should consist of three food items that boost agility levels, including some tuna. You should only bring a spottier/spotted cape. The other option is fishing for salmon, flying trout, and sturgeon.