Maybe Not A EO Port To Cellular

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The devs never said AFK travel would be secure, in fact they said we're getting bubbles that can make it impossible to make it through. Stop trying to re-write history because you are interested in getting the EVE Mobile ISK game formed to your own playstyle.Like we knew bubbles were forthcoming so long ago.Why should it be so easy to ramble nullsec in complete safety?Launch was a enormous success regardless of the robots quickly becoming an issue, but that has been an expected problem. This match has been literally sold to us since the casual EVE encounter we have been dieing for, and suddenly they are back to listening to the EO sweatlords and which makes this match shed what made it special.

Sincerely, a concerned 15 year EO veteran who does not desire more of the same.

You have the resources, the UI is not so difficult, you've got an present economy and world, most of the technical investment in terms of gameplay logic in a MMO is on the server anyway, etc..

It is not that hard to generate a mobile client for an existing game, and have it connect to the same servers, in the same universe. It's more of a UX/UI difficulty than a thorny technical one. It is tremendously more expensive and Cheap EVE Echoes ISK time consuming to essentially"start over" and begin constructing a new world from scratch, 1 gameplay mechanic at one time, on standalone servers. Even outsourcing the sport just like they did, it doesn't make sense.