If you'd like to read about the reactions Madden players

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Are you shocked to learn that Brady will likely not play in Madden from Mut 22 coins the start of this year's entry? Let me know your reaction to this news in the comments section or via Twitter @MooreMan12.

If you'd like to read about the reactions Madden players have had with regard to Brady's retirement, make sure to read on down below.

(NEXSTAR) - A sealed replica of 1990's Sega Genesis game "John Madden Football" has been sold for record prices, proving once again that the coaching and broadcasting legend might be the founder of modern sports video games.

A video games auction which ran for two days last month, the original copy in "John Madden Football" sold for $480,000. The amount, much over what the original game would have sold for originally, set a world record for most ever spent for a video sports game, according to Heritage Auctions.

"This specific copy of the auction is especially unusual because it's coming from the office of the famous Madden's namesake," the auction house notes. The proceeds of this proceeds will be donated by Heritage Auctions to a charitable foundation in Madden's name.

Madden died in the late December, at the age of 85.

In its three decades of existence, the John Madden Football video game franchise earned more than $7 billion in earnings According to New York Times. The franchise was launched in 1988 before being changed to "Madden." NFL Network even had a program devoted to buy Madden 22 coins the video gamecalled "Madden NFL Live." It's now the second best-selling sports video game ever, just behind the soccer-based series FIFA.