I'm sure you're not looking for an equipment discussion thread

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As I'm doing slayer now, I will be making some money from RS gold it. I'm just curious about one thing. After buying Slayer gear I'm left with 4 mil. With the bonus xp weekend in the near future, is there something I could purchase to earn some cash? Even if bonus xp weekend wasn't here, would there be something that I could buy or get in the P2P?

BTW I'm trying to kill Lesser Demons right now, so is there something worthwhile they drop which i can acquire. Cool: This may be an off-topic topic but me and Tcmp were engaged in red port clan wars moving around. Then I walked off, before Hunam Safe came and kill me! I am prob. in his vid now. I had my gilded helm in my bag, but I was protected. Then, I banked my helm, I entered to see that Hunam was at Tcmp however Tcmp wasn't attacking!

I had nothing on me so I started a fight with Hunam so Tcmp could move on. I was attacked by him, and he turned towards Tcmp. After about half my HP remaining, I turned to Hunam once more, when I had been unfrozen. Then, I assaulted him again. As he frozen me and then killed me Tcmp could have had time to flee. Then Human was able to swear in stars. Then I saved Tcmp and probably. ended up in his video.

The whip has a higher performance than the BGS in terms of performance, and if you really want to upgrade your weapon take the CR. Ghouls will give you xp at your level. They can be managed with just a few lobsters. I used to utilize ghouls prior to slaying.

I'm sure you're not looking for an equipment discussion thread, however, you can also make use of barrow gloves. I have them at fighting level, and they aren't that difficult. The regen brace barely does anything. And don't say your not trying to rs2007 gold complete the quest due to the reqs. I actually completed all the reqs and they were very easy to acquire.