I agree with your remarks

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After stopping RS an old flatmate of mine actually got me in to RS gold that I have played off and on for a few years now. Like my key RS times it's not something I have ever told my pals. They're not terrible people (despite how I'm making them sounds ) and would not ostracise me or anything but there would definitely be a lot of jokes created.

I agree with your remarks about it'simply being a different video game' but we can not overlook that in real life there is always likely to be more of a stigma attached to multiplayer online gaming especially RPGs and people of the fantasy genre than state CoD or Battlefield.

That I had a couple of friends who made me feel like that. But they were far from'perfect' themselves. I finally have a girlfriend who I love and live together and she knows I perform, she even plays her f2p account once in a while. I found that in the later teenage years it was taboo to let folks know you played (few children would play in my programming courses plus they got flamed A LOT by the other students and even the teacher.) But now it seems a bit more suitable for some reason, I am not positive if it has to RuneScape gold buy do with my getting old or the maturity of others. Definitely appears similar to a'13 year olds match' now than it did 5 or 6 years ago.