Perhaps I'm being naive however Runescape may be running well

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Light, I sometimes don't get it. You create new goals about 2-3 times per week. It's time to focus your focus on one skill, and not let others decide what you should be doing RS3 Accounts. Then, you can take their advice and follow it for approximately 10 minutes before you ask another question What is my next step be?

Now that you have it out of the way Now, let's get to the next question: go with that skill you are most at ease with. With the recent drop in prices fishing hasn't been a good option. For ages magics have hovered around the 1k mark. Leaves mining. Mining is the most effective option if you consider monetary considerations. Iron ores of 28 are easier to collect and bank than the 3 mage logs. Make cannon balls while you are mining Iron with your Miscellanian workers.

I ran some numbers and there is something I do not understand"47k granite? What did you do to arrive at this number? Even if you were able to control the size of the granite, and would only get the medium size, you'd still require more than 168k to get to 99. It is possible to get 85 miners with a small 47k, but that would not suffice to compete with the really skilled miners.

You should be focusing on the way to 99, not what to do when you've got it... And if you would take the old fashion approach to stealing buy osrs infernal cape: break 270 wall safes then switch to knights... You'd require 152,643 knights in order to get to 99, netting around 7.5m grams.